Vote For Emily Brothers – A Trusted and Experienced Voice For Disabilty Inclusion

Emily Brothers offers disabled members a strong, influential and trusted voice at the top table of the Labour Party.

Emily Brothers draws on her lived experience as a disabled LGBT+ woman, providing an authentic voice for civil rights and securing positive change.

Emily Brothers brings decades of experience as a disability rights campaigner, professional competence on equality policy and as a Labour and trade union activist.

I believe the strength of our common endeavour comes from diversity and why Labour must do better to realise the true potential of disabled members. We do not share power, wealth or opportunity and that’s what I want to change with your support.

I believe a Labour Party to win must reflect the interests of disabled people, not taking our votes for granted and challenging prejudice and discrimination.

I have the tenacity and experience to promote change, bring people together and contribute to improving the life chances of disabled people.

Emily Brothers’ Experience and Tenacity

I have the experience and tenacity to deliver for disabled members, having been a Parliamentary and London Assembly Candidate; Current serving Executive Committee member of Fabian Society and LGBT+ Labour; previously with Disability labour when leading its response to the Democracy Review; Member of Community and Co-operative Party.

As an agent for change, I will advocate for disabled people’s inclusion in our movement.

I will work creatively to develop an inclusive Labour Party that embraces diversity, builds disability confident leadership and is exemplary in practice, addresses complaints and set standards.

I want to break down the wall of exclusion that many disabled members experience through political education, building capacity and by reforming policy, practice and procedure.

I will work with CLP’s and affiliates to support Disability Officers, develop Disability Forums, enable organising through the proposed Disability Section and national conference.

I will engage with disabled members to remove barriers to our participation, encourage community leaders and build disability solidarity.

Professionally, I worked for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, leading health and local government policy. Prior to this I was responsible for Governance and Special Projects with the Disability Rights Commission, co-ordinating work to help harmonise equality bodies and law.

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