Emily’s Trade Union Experience

Growing up with eye operation after eye operation, at 10 there was nothing Alder Hey Children’s Hospital could do. I needed expert advice from Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. My parents couldn’t afford the trip due to striking, so a Shop Steward held a collection on the picket line at Vauxhall Motors to make it happen. Even at that early age such an expression of working class solidarity had a profound impact on me. I have since endeavoured to contribute to the labour and trade union movement and believe my experience for this role would help empower disabled members and facilitate the Labour Party in becoming more inclusive.

I have been delegate to union conferences and participated in equality strand events for disabled members and LGBT+ members. This has involved speaking to motions, contributing to workshops and networking.

I have served on the TUC Disabled Workers Committee for the last year, playing an active role in taking forward resolutions, planning future conferences and reaching out to the wider disability movement.

I have been a member of trade unions consistently for nearly 40 years, including Unison, PCS and GMB.