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Emily Reflects on European election Results

  • Monday, June 02 2014 @ 08:43 PM BST
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Emily's News Emily Reflects on European election Results Tuesday 27 May 2014

UKIP hit the headlines by topping the European poll, both nationally and here in Sutton. However, Labour’s vote has held up well across the country and good progress has been made locally. We secured 13.22% share of the vote, so find ourselves within striking distance of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats – the latter pushed into third place in Sutton and fifth nationally.

The Lib Dem vote has evidently been hit by their collusion with the Tories at Westminster and here in Sutton. Moreover, Lib Dem zeal for the European Project hasn’t gone down well with the public. Nick Clegg and Paul Burstow alike, fail to recognise the need for reform.

The metropolitan commentariate suggest that London is largely a UKIP free zone, but if only if that was the case. Voting patterns show that UKIP has a stronger presence in outer than inner London, in places like Sutton. The UKIP phenomenon is tapping into people’s conscience, even though they may not entirely realise what they are unleashing.

UKIP may well fall away into ashes, just like the Social Democrats (SDP). Our challenge is to help bring that to fruition by being responsive to the concerns of the electorate. Like our response to the SDP, Labour needs to advocate a bold programme for reform, whilst maintaining our strategic focus on a fair and prosperous future. UKIP have certainly homed in on the problem, but it is only Labour who has the solutions, not least with our contract to tackle the cost of living crisis.

In time UKIP will flirt with the Tories, before moving into that inevitable merger that will see a party anchored to the right. Labour will undoubtedly strengthen in line with One Nation, our Co-operative friends will renew and perhaps the Green Party will gain a little more popularity. All in all, this would bring about a more resilient centre left. In this kind of scenario, the Lib Dem role will dissipate, no longer the king-maker function that they desire, to do absolutely anything to be on the winning side. Politics is like football; you keep the faith and support your team whether they are amidst the premiership or languishing in some dark corner of the lower divisions.

Labour isn’t like the Lib Dem ‘creepometre’, telling people what they think the public want to hear. It was Lib Dem politicians like Paul Burstow who bleated for 13 years when we were in Government advancing progressive policies, then he suddenly to lurch into a lasting political embrace with the Tories - better-austerity for worse-austerity. The failed SDP politicians now leading the Lib Dem mission are intent on staying Centre Right and that will return them in due course to holding their meetings in a telephone box – if they can find one.

UKIP may well win the Newark Bi-Election, but this will only create a little more froth on Nigel Farage’s pint, so thick that he can’ see any policies through it. At the end of the day, it is the absence of details plans that will scupper this crazy escapade. Even if they win a few seats at Castle Point or Thanet, it is hardly likely that any Westminster leader would want to do a deal with a party that advocates massive reductions in public services, our residents having to pay for GP consultation and other entry diagnosis, as well as putting up with absurd, sexist and racist candidates.

Ironically, people have been outraged over revelations about expenses, but far too many have voted for UKIP Members of Parliament who will claim their salaries and expenses, yet fail to be active in the European Parliament. This is their record and it is set to stay that way.

When founding UKIP in 1993, Alan Sked, set out the key drivers for the new party which included standing for Westminster, but not engage in Brussels and Strasberg elections. After 1997 this changed under Nigel’s Farage’s leadership, as he saw the benefits of raiding the establishment from inside the system itself. Alan Sked has asserted that, voting for UKIP candidates will only secure a bunch of ‘incompetent charlatans’ who draw on expenses for doing no work at all.

In response, Alan Sked is now trying to set up the New Deal Party, but this time from the left, continuing the anti European and immigration crusades, but also factoring in policies like nationalising the rail and other public services. This might act as the antidote to UKIP going in the opposite direction, not only privatising but in some areas getting rid of public services all together.

Politicians from across the spectrum can at least, agree that recent elections results make for a fascinating campaign with many a twist and turn ahead. Paul Burstow will need a new job soon, but I suspect their will be more prominent Lib Dem candidates ahead of him in the queue for ‘Come Coalition Dancing’.

Now that’s interesting – Paul Burstow is blinking at the data from the last week and fears that he’ll face humiliation in May 2015. Rumours abroad suggest he is to take the route of least resistance and slip away, as the only hope for the Lib Dem campaign is another candidate. I know some have been thinking, some have been whispering conspiracies and some may be making it happen. Changing their candidate so late will only reinforce panic amongst the ranks, whilst the public are only too aware that the policies will remain austerity focused. Whether Clegg or Burstow goes first isn’t important, as the Lib Dem machine is simply intent on side-stepping responsibility and blame the Tories or EU bureaucrats. Ultimately, the electorate will find them out.


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