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Emily's News Emily Reflects on the Queen’s Speech Thursday 12 June 2014

Emily Reflects on the Queen’s Speech
Thursday 12 June 2014

Local and European elections show the depths of discontent with the direction of our country:
• 10% of those entitled to vote voted for UKIP;
• 60% did not vote at all.
Yet, the Tory Lib Dem Coalition has disregarded deep rooted dissolution with politics.

The Queen’s Speech was hardly gracious in responding to the public mood. It was a missed opportunity by a failing Government.

Even more than discontent, people has a deeper sense that our country is heading in the wrong direction and increasingly does not work for them:
• In the jobs they do and whether hard work is rewarded;
• In the prospects for their children and whether they can lead a better life than their parents, including whether they will be able to afford homes of their own; and,
• In the pressures communities face.

This Queen’s Speech has failed to address the concerns of hardworking families, yet benefits the privileged few. Nonetheless, there are some welcome measures on pensions and childcare, but we would go further on both areas.

The Coalition’s parliamentary programme is peacemeal. This Queen’s Speech does not rise to the scale of discontent or set Britain in a new direction:
• On zero hour contracts it refuses to ensure that those working regular hours month after month get a regular contract;
• On housing, it sets out plans for a one off new town with 15,000 homes, when we need at least 200,000 homes built every year;
• There is no mention of the NHS;
• On immigration it does nothing to tackle the undercutting of wages.

One Nation Labour would have introduced:
• A Make Work Pay bill to reward hard work with a higher minimum wage;
• A Banking Bill that backs business with a real British Investment Bank and new regional banks;
• A Consumers Bill to freeze energy bills until 2017 and reform the energy market;
• A Housing Bill with long term reform to increase supply to 200,000 homes by 2020 and measures to end rip-off letting fees and make three year tenancies the norm;
• A Communities Bill to give people a say over pay day lenders and betting shops on their high streets;
• An Immigration Bill, to stop workers being undercut through enforcement of the minimum wage and banning recruitment agencies that only use overseas labour;
• An NHS Bill, to put a stop to its privatisation and improve access to GP’s and bring about integrated health and social care.

To make that happen we need a different government, a Labour Government.


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