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Emily Reviews the Career of David Blunkett MP

  • Sunday, June 29 2014 @ 06:39 PM BST
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Emily's News Emily Reviews the Career of David Blunkett MP Sunday 22 June 2014

Emily Reviews the Career of David Blunkett MP
Sunday 22 June 2014

In light of Britainís first blind Cabinet Minister, David Blunkett, announcing his retirement in May 2015, Emily reviews his political career. As she is the only blind person yet to stand at the next General election, she considers the future for diversity in politics.

There is no doubt that David Blunkett will leave a lasting mark on Britainís political landscape. It isnít simply a footnote in history that he leaves after 28 years at Westminster, but a benchmark for other blind people to aspire in the coming years.

Any blind person who succeeds has to go several extra miles. You have to put far more time into each task. Despite all the Mission Statements that proclaim inclusion and equality, it takes longer to go through written material, more difficult to get from A-to-B and harder to network. Reasonable adjustments obviously help, but they donít entirely solve the challenge facing blind people.

The effort that David has put in over his 45 years in public life locally and nationally has been enormous. Indeed, he started out when technology didnít offer many helpful interventions. From my own experience, I suspect his ďtunnel visionĒ to stick to the task has been to some considerable personal cost.

Talking to David recently at Westminster, he acknowledged that he now has equipment and lots of good support around him, both in the House of Commons and in his Constituency. However, this hasnít always been the case. Like so many blind people over the years, David has organised a network of voluntary readers and then spent endless hours listening to audio recordings, as well as battling with reluctant bureaucrats to get the right information in an accessible format and on time.

It isnít just determination that wins through. David will have needed to build confidence in his constituents and political networks, particularly in his ability as a blind person to deliver. Misconceptions about blind people are still widespread, yet undoubtedly much better than when David started out. He has clearly contributed to those changes, more from doing the tasks in hand, instead of emanating from any policies he may have espoused.

Over the years many disabled people have complained that David hasnít championed disability issues. In my view, taking a mainstream approach has been central to his success. It has also provided added value to the message from the disability movement, that we should be included in all spheres of society. David has been living that ambition through politics.

The experience of blindness will have undoubtedly shaped Davidís response to social and economic issues. As Secretary of State for Education and Employment, David established the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) for whom I worked throughout its duration. It soon became an effective champion for disability rights. If David had been at the Cabinet table after 2005, perhaps the later ill-judged merger may have been avoided, but more about that another time.

Whilst some of Davidís experiences will have been personally painful, they actually add value to his vivid example of a disabled person in the public eye. Why shouldnít a blind person have an affair or make a mistake? We are subject to the same fragilities in life as everybody else.

I face many of the same challenges that David has experienced in standing for Parliament. Yet there are differences too. Voters are frequently puzzled that I donít have a ďblind dogĒ. David found having a Guide Dog helped as an ice breaker with the public, whereas my friends say I just want the attention! Opponents are perhaps already finding out that Iím also quite able to bark for myself!

As a woman with no vision and some hearing loss, Iím seeking a parliamentary career much later in life than David, so many of my challenges will be quite different from his successful career.

More critically than any personal characteristics, David has been active in a Labour stronghold in which he has always lived. Coming from Merseyside, Iíve now lived for 24 years in Sutton Ė the place my family is proud to call home. However, the Constituency falls within the Orange Triangle, providing bedrock to the Liberal Democrats for far too long. I intend to bring about change by drawing on my Liverpudlian Socialist roots, as Sutton deserve better.

Generally speaking, blind people listen well and actively. We donít have any extra-sensory gift as myth might suggest. There are indeed many blind people like me who have a hearing impairment and donít have any musical talent. Many of us do have a trained ear, however, enabling us to tap into the wider political conversations around us. Instead of being diverted by the non verbal communication deployed by different figures ranging around the table, we are better able to understand the tone and any frictions; valuing and drawing together the threads in debate; gain common ownership, at least in the language being used.

The learning and problem solving acquired during life as a disabled person can be utilised for the wider benefit of local people, in ways that Iím sure Davidís constituents have valued over his many years of distinguished service. David will have been able to connect with many constituents, simply because he knows how tough life can be sometimes. He will have understood only too well that different barriers are put up by vested interests, yet time and again need to be knocked down. Resilience is the key tool that I have needed to deploy over many years as a blind senior manager working in the voluntary and public sectors. Iím sure David has needed to dig deep into his own resilience, particularly at those moments when critical decisions are needed or your private life becomes headline news. It would have made him stronger for other people, taking up their cases with genuine purpose.

After a well deserved rest, Iím sure David will be active in public life. Lord Blunkett of Brightside would be a positive step forward, as the number of disabled people holding the Party Whips in the upper chamber is rather woeful. There are some excellent disabled people who are Cross Benchers, but the lack of disabled people holding a Party Whip and taking forward mainstream policies is wholly inadequate. In principle, I support reform that favours a fully elected Chamber, but fear it will mirror the House of Commonsí poor diversity, as well as losing the peers who provide cross bench expertise through their personal experience of disability. Party Leaders need to put in place commitments and safeguards, to better engage disabled people in political and wider public life, not least in selections and appointments. Our elected Chambers need to better reflect the diversity of people they claim to represent.

We have far too few disabled people in Parliament across the political spectrum. There appears to be fewer in the pipeline, especially fighting secure or target seats. Affirmative action has rightly been taken for women, but now perhaps it is time for Labour to take positive steps on disability and other areas of under-representation. Most of us with a disability do not follow the modern pathways in politics Ė Oxbridge and being a Special Advisers. Instead, we generally deal with poverty, disadvantage in education and employment, whilst grappling with the complexities of accessing health and social care services. If David was setting out on his political career today, he would have little in common with the established routes into power - even though, ironically, in the latter part of his career he was at the heart of that very same establishment.


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